Stardew Valley multiplayer for PC is officially launching in August, but everyone else will have to wait

Stardew Valley multiplayer for PC is officially launching

The Stardew Valley multiplayer update will be free for everyone who owns Stardew Valley now or in the future. It would not be at all unreasonable to charge extra for this huge feature update, but

Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Has Been Worth The Wait


The allure of co-op multiplayer was a huge selling point for Stardew Valley, even though it didn’t launch with the feature way back in 2016.After waiting for two years, the game had proved fun

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Four-player co-op arrived in Stardew Valley on August 1. It’s the same as singleplayer, but with friends, basically. One player hosts, and up to three can join on them.

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Hi everyone, I have exciting news: Stardew Valley will come to the Nintendo Switch on October 5th, 2017. I’m very happy to see Stardew come to a Nintendo console… I grew up on Nintendo, after all! This will not only be the first time Stardew Valley appears on a Nintendo platform, but also the first time Stardew will be on a portable system.

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The multiplayer mode in Stardew Valley is a pretty standard multiplayer arrangement with one player serving as the host and everyone else serving

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Lovely farm ’em up Stardew Valley‘s multiplayer is alllmost ready, close enough to finished that today it launched an opt-in open beta. Stardew’s multiplayer will let players host up to three other players in their farm, chipping in to work the land, adventure, fish, and probably drink a whole lot.

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I think of Stardew valley like Don’t stare, And multiplayer Stardew like don’t starve together. One has purpose, goals, cool characters who aren’t balanced for pvp and shine for it. The other has no purpose but togetherness, no goals really, lackluster characters because balance, and awful imput lag unless its hosted on a real server.

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Or a stand alone Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta we would need to download that doesn’t replace the Non-Multiplayer Game! But then the Multiplayer saves probably couldn’t carry …