18 Coolest Supercars of the 1990s

18 Coolest Supercars of the 1990s – Best 90s Supercars Ever

It makes over 500 horsepower from its Le Mans-derived twin-turbo engine, and sports a super-cool one-piece wing.

18 Coolest Supercars of the 1990s – Best 90s Supercars

12 of 18 Jaguar XJR-15 The world’s first fully carbon fiber car, Jaguar only made 53 examples of the XJR-15, which had 450-hp race-derived V12.

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By the 1990s the supercar had established its niche of offering ultra high-performance, radical styling (although sometimes controversial) and stratospheric price tags. This decade built on the supercar craze on the 1980s and introduced second and even third generation supercars, such as the Ferrari F50 that came from a pedigree of Ferrari supercars including the F40 and 288 GTO.

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The Coolest Supercars From the 2000s. From your bedroom wall to the desktop of your first computer, these are the cars that celebrated big power, big engines, and spectacular performance.

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Which brings me to the last model to make our list of the coolest supercars of the 1990s. McLaren F1 With the rev limiter removed, the McLaren F1 can reach 242.8 mph or 390.7 km/h.

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The BMW E36 M3 lasted from 1992 to 1999, making this one of the coolest cars from the 1990s, and only available in the ’90s. During that period, BMW made 71,242 of these models. While there had been previous M3s, the high-performance variation of the 3 Series, this was the first to use a straight-6 engine.

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The 1990s were a strange time for the super high performance market however, with the demand for top-end supercars seemingly bottoming out after the excess of the late 1980s and a …

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The best of the Diablos came in 1994 and 1995, which marked the introduction of the SE30 and its 523-horsepower engine, and the Diablo SV with 510 horsepower, extra handling bits, and a reduced curb weight. Bugatti EB110. An oft-forgotten member of the best supercars in the 1990s is the Bugatti EB110.