LSD trip with Hunter S. Thompson sparked artist’s famous career

LSD trip with Hunter S. Thompson sparked artist’s famous

From left: Ralph Steadman, Director Charlie Paul and Johnny Depp on set of “For No Good Reason.” Steadman owes much of his career to a memorable trip he took with Thompson in 1970.

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LSD trip with Hunter S. Thompson sparked artist’s famous career A burglar tripping on LSD trashed a neighbor’s Seattle apartment — and then identified himself as “24” super spy Jack

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The Mitchell brothers, owners of the O’Farrell Theatre in San Francisco, made a documentary about Thompson in 1988 called Hunter S. Thompson: The Crazy Never Die. Wayne Ewing created three documentaries about Thompson. The film Breakfast with Hunter …

Born: Hunter Stockton Thompson, July 18, 1937, Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.

The Late Tom Wolfe and the Hunter S. Thompson Letters

According to Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson was “the only twentieth-century equivalent of Mark Twain”. Wolfe called Thompson’s book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1972) “a scorching, epochal sensation”. The writers exchanged letters, the pick of which is a missive from Thomson to Wolfe dated March 3 1971. Thompson made a big noise about being shuffled inside Wolf’s New Journalism project, along with the …

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Hunter S. Thompson’s Go-to Artist Wants to Save the World We visited Ralph Steadman’s studio to talk about his early career and his new book with conservationist Ceri Levy. Stefanie Marsh

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72. September 1970: Artist and illustrator Ralph Steadman takes LSD for the first and only time with Thompson and it greatly impacts his career and work. 73. March 21, 1967: John Lennon accidentally takes LSD in the studio while working on songs from “Sgt. Peppers,” allegedly the only time he took acid while recording. 74.

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Apr 19, 2012 · Top 10 AMAZING Facts About HUNTER S. THOMPSON – Duration: LSD’s Long, Strange Trip | Retro Report 10 Celebs Who Destroyed Their Careers With One Bad Interview – …