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EZ Power Supply Tester with Voltage LCD Display – PC Case Gear

The EZ Power Supply Tester with LCD displays each voltage on the clear blue back-light display. Note: This product is designed only for power supply output tests. Do not leave it connected to the power supply for long periods of time unattended.

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LCD Power Supply Tester 20 24 Pin Sata PSU HD ATX BTX Voltage Test Source P1R See more like this PC Computer LCD 20/24 Pin 4 PSU ATX BTX ITX SATA HDD Digital Power Supply Tester …

Amazon.com: Coolmax LCD Power Supply Tester PS-228

This item Coolmax LCD Power Supply Tester PS-228 Thermaltake Dr. Power II Automated Power Supply Tester Oversized LCD for All Power Supplies – AC0015 Optimal Shop 20/24 4/6/8 PIN 1.8″ LCD Computer PC Power Supply Tester for SATA,IDE,HDD,ATX,ITX,BYI Connectors

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LCD’s indicate the status of voltage.Suitable for the ambitious hobby user, as well as for a quick functional check in trade.Plug power supply 24 PIN and P4 , P6 or P8 into the corresponding jack of the power test suite.Power on the supply of power, will hear “DuDu” ring , if no flicker then the power supply output voltage is normal.If a

How to Use a Power Supply Tester to Test a PSU

Confirm the LCD on the power supply tester is lit, and you see numbers in all the fields. The motherboard power connectors plugged into the power supply tester support the entire range of voltages that your PSU can deliver, including +3.3 VDC, +5 VDC, +12 VDC, and -12 VDC. If any voltage reads “LL” or “HH” or if the LCD screen does not light up at all, the power supply is not working …

APEVIA LCD Power Supply Tester III – amazon.com

Just connect the 20-pin or 24-pin main connector from the ATX power supply to this LCD power supply tester and plug in P4/P6/P8 to show the voltage on the screen. Made of quality aluminum material, this power supply tester helps you easily diagnosis the problem …

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Rexus PST-3 Digital Power Supply Tester with LCD – Newegg

The Rexus PST-3 power supply tester is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts or those working on computers for a living. It connects to the PSU’s output connectors, measures the voltage, and displays the results on a backlit LCD screen – instead of having just LEDs indicating the status.


Power supply tester with LCD screen (CHM-03)

Voltage tester for ATX, BTX and ITX compliant power supply units (PSU) Suitable for testing motherboard connectors and all peripheral connectors Audible and visible (LED’s and LCD screen) alarm in case of detected voltage failures