Urban Dictionary: rich the kid

Urban Dictionary: rich kids

Rich kid: A kid who gets everything they want, their parents have good jobs, has a good life and has a lot of expensive things. Their parents generally fall into the upper middle class/lower upper class or …

Urban Dictionary: rich white kid

A rich white kid typically refers to those individuals who maintain the following characteristics: – Come from very high income parents, who have typically pampered them with luxuries their entire lives – Will likely have never had a real job in life and likely won’t until they’re in their mid 20s – Have their own cars, and sometimes motorbikes along with their cars – both of which are

Urban Dictionary: Rich Kid High


Rich kids have more money, so they get better weed, therefore they get higher. #RichKidHigh (go trend it) #RichKidHigh (go trend it) “DudeThat bud was insane .

Urban Dictionary: spoiled rich kid

Spoiled rich kids unknown Kids that abuse their parents stuff and claim that its theirs.they also think they are the richest people in the universe and can buy anything they want. Spoiled rich kid can be defined in a sentence like,Lil tay is a spoiled rich kid man ,damn all those rich snapchat kiddos are “ spoiled rich …

Urban Dictionary: rich kids

A rich kid is someone who has the attitude of someone rich, but not the money. The attitude is the most important part of the definition. You are no longer a rich kid if your attitude changes.

Urban Dictionary: Rich Kid Syndrome

Carl has had rich kid syndrome since he could talk and walk. He walks like a rich kid, talks like a rich kid, thinks like a rich kid, ah fuck he’s a rich kid okay I said it.

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Urban Dictionary: poor kids

It has become popular for rich kids and suburbanites to begin thinking they are “hood”, and acting poor. As much as rich kids have, many of them are morans, and are very immature. By the time a poor kid is 12 he will have experienced much more pain and sorrow than a rich kid will in his whole entire life. With this comes the wisdom of an old man.

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[Intro: Rich the Kid] Ayy, new freezer You know what it was when you signed up, ayy Dat way, yuh, yuh, yeah, dat way [Chorus: Rich the Kid] My bitch too foreign, need a visa (ooh)