The Aubergine Emoji Is So Much More Than Just A Penis, Guys

The Aubergine Emoji Is So Much More Than Just A Penis

So many! Guys! So you can finally hashtag emojis on instagram but, tragically, there’s one little guy who gets left out. Why? Because we all use him to represent a penis. And he didn’t ask for this shit, he just wanted to be involved in discussions about salads and Italian-based dishes (involving aubergines).

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Because it’s more than just the dick emoji Take a seat, avocado. The mighty aubergine is having a moment, and that moment is going to take us all the way to 2017.

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Move over aubergine, there’s some new penis-like emojis on the way and they are much more realistic in proportion. The aubergine has long been a staple of the sexting world.

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The aubergine and peach emoji and sexting. When it comes to sexting, you need to know the peach and the aubergine. The peach represents a bum… because it looks like a bum.

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The eggplant emoji could theoretically be referring to actual eggplant but in reality it just means penis. Just like peach emoji ( What does the peach emoji mean? ) this is definitely used more as a metaphor.

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The photo-sharing app has blocked searches for the eggplant or aubergine emoji after users employed it to denote a penis. or are you just happy to which is much more difficult to depict

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In the Before Emoji era (BE), the only time a dude’s junk got compared to an eggplant was when there was something seriously wrong with it (yes, “eggplant penis” is a …

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Just when you thought we had reached peak emoji, an actual – sorry, IRL – aubergine arrives in the post, to remind us that the human capacity for doing ridiculous things “because internet

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French users, for example, send heart emojis more than any other category, including smiley faces (it is the language of love, after all).

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Somewhere in all of this, you need more than just a big bag of emoji, with their referents, floating in space: you need a pragmatics, and you probably need some syntax to organize the emoji …