Swap your home to see the world for less

Swap your home to see the world for less – The Globe and Mail

At our home on Lake Atitlan, the Guatemalan site that author Aldous Huxley called the most beautiful lake in the world, we were served by a staff of five who brought us fresh fruit every morning.

Heat and cool your home for less with a $60 discount on

Heat and cool your home for less with a $60 discount on the Nest Thermostat E Swap out your dumb thermostat for a smart one for just $110.

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This allows you to match up with anyone around the world, and make connections that allow you to swap your accommodation on dates that suit you in the future. Discover more destinations and more countries than you ever imagined, for less. Holiday Swap chat feature means that we don’t just offer secure accommodation swaps, but we are the first truly global social media app for like-minded travellers and …


Living away is the new getaway — it’s the smart, fun and economical way to see the world. Pay less, experience more Home swapping cuts two main vacation costs — …

3rdHome Is the World’s Most Luxurious Home Swap Site (That

Enter 3rdHome.com: the world’s most luxurious home swap site (my words, not theirs …). They graciously offered to let us take their service for a spin to see what we thought. Here’s what we found … The Skinny. So, what is 3rdHome? In their own words: 3RD HOME is an exclusive private club for luxury second homeowners.

What to Know About Doing a Home Swap On Your Next Trip

If you live in a place where tourists want to visit and you want to try a home swap, here are 5 tips to make sure it goes smoothly: 1. Find Your Swap. The most challenging part of doing a home exchange is finding a comparable traveler or set of travelers who want to visit your location when you want to visit theirs.

Trade Your House Through A Home Swap or Vacation Rental

Tip: For websites that help out with home swaps, try out Best House Swap, Go Swap and Online House Trading. Would you be willing to try out this trading scheme? As an aside, another unusual way to unload a house is to use online auctions to buy and sell real estate.

Home exchange – GuestToGuest

House exchange with GuesttoGuest allows you to discover the world in a more authentic way by living like a local in United States, Ireland, Portugal, or Berlin! Spend less and enjoy more while visiting the biggest international capitals or cosy country towns.