[Seeds] Partage de Seeds ! sur le forum Banished

[Seeds] Partage de Seeds ! sur le forum Banished – 22-02


Feb 22, 2014 · Map Seed 906589633 . On commence entre une foret et une riviere, il y a beaucoup d’iron et de stone, pour commencer le gatherer vous sera bien utile avec la chasse + …

[Seeds] Partage de Seeds ! sur le forum Banished – 22-02


Nov 13, 2015 · Rappel : Le nom fait partie du ” seed ” au même titre que le nombre . Avec le même nombre et des noms différents , vous aurez des cartes différentes .

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Forum; Shining Rock Software; List of map seeds. This article features a collection of the best map seed for Banished. List of map seeds. Decent amount of forest coverage for an initial forest community. Lots of resources on the peninsula you’re on so no need for bridges early on. Lake just to the south and west of the starting location.

~ The Official Best Map Seeds ~ :: Banished General

There is a good subreddit I suggest everyone checks out for good map seeds: www.reddit.com/r/banishedmaps Here is a list of some really good ones. (Thanks Le Mef

Banished map seed 270854867: how is yours doing? – Games

Feb 20, 2014 · Map seed 270854867 is a nice enough area. Plenty of room, starting you on a tongue of land big enough for your starter area. You’ll probably have to make bridges to expand from it.

In search of the perfect map seed :: Banished General

For anyone looking for map seeds using the search function, make sure to check the date of the post. I forget when the patch that changed the map seeds was released, but a good rule of thumb is to stick to threads and posts from 2016.

Banished Ep11 – Seeds! – YouTube

Nov 05, 2014 · Banished Ep11 – Seeds! Lathland. Loading Unsubscribe from Lathland? Cancel Unsubscribe. Banished Strategy and Tactics 1: The Crossroads Build – Duration: 25:50.

Absolute best seed. 686245581 : BanishedMaps – reddit

Welcome to /r/BanishedMaps. This is a subreddit dedicated to finding, sharing, and discussing map seeds for the Shining Rock Software city-building survival game Banished.. Rules. 1. Be Nice. 2. Follow Posting Steps Below. Posting Steps

Top responsesRedditHuh. I’ve been playing this one, or at least I thought I was. I made a great settlement, but wanted to start again without mods to get the tenure achievement since … read more2 votesWhy is this map good? I’ve just loaded it and I can’t see why it would be the best seed? :S1 votewow nice one, this is better than 488568764 LV1 voteScreenshot of spawn/river It’s an alright seed. The spawn area is really flat but the mountains at the bottom right and the small streams + random choppy … read more1 voteAlle anzeigen

Problème de seed/download torrent – Le Forum de la Freebox

Je conserve les .torrents que je lance le soir en seed/download dans un dossier nommé “seed” sur mon bureau. Je les lance depuis l’interface en important le .torrent a chaque fois puis je clique sur “ajouter”.

Best Map Seeds? – Shining Rock Software Forums

I just did a little test, using the same seed number for both mountain and valley. The main river seems to be the same for each, the location of lakes is the same, …

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