Review Deviltech 9000 DTX (Clevo M860TU) Notebook

Review Deviltech 9000 DTX (Clevo M860TU) Notebook

Aug 27, 2008 · The Deviltech 9000 DTX (Clevo M860TU) is an absolutely exciting offer for ambitious gamers who sometimes also want to use their notebook in another way. Especially the comparably reasonable price

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We got hold of a Clevo M860TU barebone in the form of the Deviltech 9000 DTX gaming notebook, one of the first notebooks, which is equipped with a brand-new GeForce 9800 GT graphics card. The most

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Deviltech 9000 DTX (Clevo M860TU) – великолепное предложение для любителей компьютерных игр, которые также хотят иметь возможность использовать ноутбук для работы.

Test Deviltech 9000 DTX (Clevo M860TU) Notebook

Das Deviltech 9000 DTX / Clevo M860TU basiert auf der neuen Intel Centrino 2 Plattform. Damit können im Notebook auch bereits Prozessoren von Intel der neuesten Generation eingesetzt werden.

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Oct 25, 2009 · I recently bought a Deviltech 9000 DTX (based on the clevo 860TU) barebones. This is the setup: Bildschirm: 15,4″ WSXGA 1680 x 1050 LCD-Widescreen mit Non-Glare-Technologie Betriebssystem: Microsoft Windows 7® Home Premium

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The AVA Direct supplied Clevo M860TU notebook is a no-holds-barred gaming machine. This notebook offers options such as an NVIDIA 9800M-GT graphics card with 512MB of …

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Feb 10, 2009 · This issue has been detected on all MTU570 sold by all the resellers on the market selling this Clevo model, so it’s nothing Zepto specific. kadett2k8 , Feb 9, 2009 #49

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Dec 10, 2008 · I had considered writing a mini review of it myself but took some pictures with an old 2 Megapixel camera but the pictures were pretty crappy, was hoping someone else with photography skills and a decent camera would have taken some, after all everyone wants good pictures to go with a review.