Do I need to reserve ICE train tickets in Germany? Using Rail Pass?

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ICE Train Tickets, Reservations, and Rail Passes. From: Germany’s ICE Trains. By Durant Imboden. ABOVE: Waiting for the train in Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof. Tickets. You can buy ICE and other Deutsche Bahn tickets at railroad stations, at travel agencies, from …

Do I need to reserve ICE train tickets in Germany? Using

-Is it really necessary to reserve tickets on the ICE trains? Or can I just show up and use the rail pass? Only on the rare ICE Sprinter are reservations mandatory (the price of the reservation also includes a surcharge for a premium train). On all other German trains reservations are optional.

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For long-distance trains (Intercity-Express (ICE), Intercity (IC)/Eurocity (EC)), your seat reservation. can be booked with your ticket or independently of a ticket; can usually be booked up to 6 months in advance; can be changed once free of charge; One more thing: In first class, your seat is included with your ticket.

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What do rail passes cover in Germany? All trains within Germany, as well as the following extras: All rail passes for Germany also cover the entire train trip between Munich and Salzburg, Austria (the official border town). Buses are covered when operated by the railways. Express buses to/from Prague, as well as Berlin–Kraków buses, require a paid seat reservation (with a Eurail-brand multicountry pass, you’ll …

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Whether you’re traveling with a rail pass or not, it’s worth taking the time to figure out whether you need seat reservations on European trains — depending on the route and type of train, reservations can be critical…or a pointless hassle and expense.

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The best way to find out whether you need a reservation on a certain train is to look up the train in a rail planner. I use the German planner for this, as it is easy to use and gives good information.

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German Rail pass (for overseas visitors) If you live outside Europe, you can buy an German Rail Pass giving a choice of 3 to 10 days unlimited travel on all Deutsche Bahn trains within an overall 1 month period. You can choose 1st class or 2nd class.

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Most trains in Germany do not require advance reservation if you have a German Rail Pass. For a few trains reservations are recommended or required. Germany by train. Back. Germany by train. Trains in Germany; Top 10 things to do in Germany German trains usually don’t need to reserved in advance. However, you are still able to make