What is IRC chat and why do you use it?

What is IRC chat and why do you use it? – Quora


Sep 03, 2014 · Yes, IRC bot can be an interesting project but for that you need to know what IRC is. So download a good IRC client and give it a try. I used to use dalnet server but you can choose anything.

What is IRC? How does it work? How to use IRC? And what are Sep 08, 2016
What’s the best IRC client on the web? Aug 14, 2011
Why do people still use IRC?

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How to Use IRC (Internet Relay Chat): 5 Steps

Learn to Use Firefox, or Download a Suitable IRC Client Such As MIRC: You can find Firefox here. …

How is IRC so secure/untraceable that hackers and pirates

If you’re behind a proxy/vpn, you’re still communicating with the IRC server. Your proxy/VPN is connected to that IRC server, and you are connected to that proxy/vpn server at a specific time . Once you send text, whether it’s encrypted or not, all law enforcement really needs to …

In addition to Rory’s points
Internet Relay Chat is actually incredibly insecure.
I don’t think IRC is in any way secure by default. Almost all servers utilize communication through plaintext. Your ISP can snoop on the contents easily. All of your messages, in general, are unencrypted.Beste Antwort · 15
Anonymity is the main one:
you can use IRC servers anywhere, or set up your own, rather than be tied in to centralised messengers.
you don’t need any personal data tied to your IRC account, so tracing you is next to impossible.10
Rory did a good job of answering the IRC part, but to answer the second part about botnets, it’s not that IRC is or isn’t secure.
What’s a botnet?8

What is mIRC? – Definition from Techopedia

In using mIRC and other IRC systems, users have come up with a wide variety of terminology called ‘chat slang’ where combinations of characters are used to create visuals or abbreviations are used to communicate ideas and emotions.

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Feb 12, 2009 · IRC is just way more powerful and msn is a bit inconvenient because you have to have everyone you want to talk to added on your contacts list whereas irc can be …

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What is IRC? (Internet Relay Chat) How do I connect to it

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Jul 07, 2012 · Uploaded by thisweekinlinux on Nov 22, 2010 /***** // Source Code *****/ Not a terribly complex tutorial, but I needed to do something to get back into the habit of screencasting.

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mIRC: IRC Frequently Asked Questions

When you have restricted access you can not be channel operator, you can not do mode changes and you can not change nickname but you can chat normally! Read more on the servers info page . The only way to get unrestricted IRC access is to find another (more nearby) IRC server.

What IRC chat client do you use? : software – reddit

Super simple setup for IRC just put in a server in the account settings, go to Buddies -> Add Chat for auto-joining channels on a network. Also well supported by plugins due to popularity. I used to be pretty hard on for Xchat in both Windows and Linux but yeah Pidgin just does it now.

Internet Relay Chat – Wikipedia

A typical use of bots in IRC is to provide IRC services or specific functionality within a channel such as to host a chat-based game or provide notifications of external events. However some IRC bots are used to launch malicious attacks such as denial of service, spamming, or exploitation.

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Advantages of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) The benefits of assessment using the IM are so obvious, and their limitations, both realities are manifested in the numerous applications of this type of evaluation in the network, its contribution is reflected in the immediacy of displaying the correct answer that is actually very important for students but also for the teacher because the action of feedback rests on it.