Row (POI API Documentation)

Row (POI API Documentation)

Gets the index of the last cell contained in this row PLUS ONE. The result also happens to be the 1-based column number of the last cell. The result also happens to be the 1 …

Cell · CellStyle

POI API Documentation


POI API Documentation. DDF – Dreadful Drawing Format; contains classes for decoding the Microsoft Office Drawing format otherwise known as escher henceforth known in POI as the Dreadful Drawing Format. HPSF – Horrible Property Set Format Horrible SpreadSheet Format API’s for reading/writting Excel files using pure Java. org.apache.poi

Org.Apache.Poi.Hwpf.Model.Io · Org.Apache.Poi.Sl.Draw.Geom · Org.Apache.Poi.Hpbf.Extractor

Row (POI API Documentation)

createCell Cell createCell(int column, int type) Use this to create new cells within the row and return it. The cell that is returned is a Cell.CELL_TYPE_BLANK.The type can be changed either through calling setCellValue or setCellType.

XWPFTableRow (POI API Documentation)

This element specifies the height of the current table row within the current table. This height shall be used to determine the resulting height of the table row, which may be absolute or relative (depending on its attribute values).

Cell (POI API Documentation)

High level representation of a cell in a row of a spreadsheet. Cells can be numeric, formula-based or string-based (text). The cell type specifies this.

Row.MissingCellPolicy (POI API Documentation)

public static Row.MissingCellPolicy valueOf(java.lang.String name) Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name. The string must match exactly an identifier used to declare an enum constant in this type.

RowRecord (POI API Documentation)

A bit that specifies whether any cell in the row has a medium or thick bottom border, or any cell in the row directly below the current row has a medium or thick top border. void setColapsed (boolean c)

DefaultRowHeightRecord (POI API Documentation)

Write the data content of this BIFF record. The ‘ushort sid’ and ‘ushort size’ header fields have already been written by the superclass. The number of bytes written must equal the record size reported by RecordBase.getRecordSize()} minus four ( record header consisting of a ‘ushort sid’ and ‘ushort reclength’ has already been written by their superclass).