Problem: My LastPass Vault Appears Empty

Problem: My LastPass Vault Appears Empty | [email protected]

User Experience A few users have reported finding their LastPass vault apparently empty after they log into LastPass through their browser, click the LastPass icon in the toolbar, select Open my Vault.. Fixing the Problem

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Aug 22, 2015 · I also am experiencing this problem of an empty vault in offline mode. I believe the problem might have started when I recently associated 2 new U2F compliant Yubikeys to my account. Previously, I had 2 older non-U2F Yubikeys associated, and as I recall there was no problem …

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LastPass – Help Center

If you are reporting a problem, please include steps on how we can recreate your issue. NEVER SEND US YOUR LASTPASS MASTER PASSWORD! If you are using Windows 7, then please consider using the Windows 7 Problems Steps Recorder to help describe your issue and attach the output ZIP file to …

LastPass – Some or all of my sites are gone! How do I get

Click on your LastPass Icon > My Vault, on the bottom left side click More Options > Advanced > Deleted Items. If you have multiple entries to select, you can do so in two ways: Hold SHIFT while selecting entires: This will select all entries between two other entries.

When I click on LastPass Vault, I am getting a blank page

Aug 07, 2011 · Original title: “ActiveX Filtering has hidden this content” Suddenly, I cannot access LastPass Vault. I performed a System Restore to before I cleaned my history and temporary files.

Lastpass vault will not open in Internet Explorer 11

May 01, 2015 · toolbar and select “My LastPass Vault”, a browser window opens with the message “IE experienced an issue with loading a control. Opening your vault in a new tab usually fixes it.” The new window opens with LastPass vault blank and then immediately blanks and the message is repeated.

Why Lastpass is a great piece of software that sucks

Update : Lastpass 3.0 does a good job at unifying the look and feel of the locally hosted vault and the website vault. One hosted locally in your browser and one on the Lastpass website. Unfortunately the “Settings” interface for Lastpass only works in the Vault …

Your LastPass Vault | User Manual

There are two ways to access your LastPass Vault. The first is through the LastPass browser Icon, and click on “My LastPass Vault”: The Local Vault that you launch through your browser plugin gives you access to all features of LastPass, as well as Preferences and Settings as they apply to the plugin.

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Cornell’s Secure Password Management service has been upgraded. On January 31, 2018, PMP (the product previously used for this service) was replaced with LastPass, which offers better features and usability. Problem: My LastPass Vault Appears Empty. Don’t panic. Problems Using Internet Explorer or Edge With LastPass. In general, users have

A closer look at LastPass – Help Net Security

A closer look at LastPass LastPass (v. 1.68.2) is a multi-platform, multi-browser password manager and form filler. You can use it on Windows, Mac OS or Linux; with IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.