my wife smokes Virginia slims menthol 120s?

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Dec 15, 2015 · My everyday brand is More 120s (I smoke both regular and menthol), but I also smoke Virginia Slims 120s from time to time. I also adore Nat Sherman’s products, especially MCSs, Black and Gold, and Hint (the very best menthol cigarette on the market, I think).

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Dec 31, 2007 · shes 26.Any other women smoke Virginia slims 120s,how long and how old?

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Jun 27, 2012 · enjoying on of my favorite cigarettes. i do not own the audio track in this video all credit goes to the respective owners of the track.

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i was broken of the smoking habit but my Wife still smoke Benson &Hedges Classics. Always has done. Virginia Slims Menthol 120’s of course but also Capri Menthol and Misty Menthol 120’s for an occasional change. I smoke Virginia Slims Menthol and …

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I used to smoke Marlboro menthol gold 100’s for 15 years and my boyfriend asked me to try Virginia Slims menthol 120’s. One cigarette and I was completely hooked. They taste great and the smoke is smooth and feels good in my lungs.

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Brand You smoke? Virginia Slim Menthol 120’s How many do you smoke a day? Usually about 15 Brand I smoke: Virginia Slims Lights 120’s How many do you smoke a day. Five packs a day. Do you want to quit. Definitely not. if my wife is out of town then a pack a day, on the weekends 4-6 a day since my wife is a big anti-smoker and i also

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My freshman year of high school, I spend months hiding my mother’s Virginia Slims and begging her to quit smoking. I told her that she would be the one to get lung cancer and I’d be an orphan. My pessimistic faith was so sure of this that I’d cry when I found her smoking.

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Virginia Slims Cigarette Reviews & Ratings (married) and I gotta say, I love Virginia Slims menthol 120s. Honestly I think they are the best cigs on the market. I bet quite a few Newport smokers would switch if they gave these a try. I used to be self conscious about smoking a “womans” cigarette, but I’m over that now. Yes, both my wife and

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May 15, 2008 · Best Answer: I normally smoke salem slim light 100’s but sometimes I pick up Capri menthol 120’s, they are sooo good but too expensive to get on a regular basis. I like them because they are so girly looking, and they burn for a long time. My friends make fun of me when I buy them, they say they are old lady cigs!

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