Mesha Caldwell is the First Reported Transgender Person Killed in 2017

Mesha Caldwell is the First Reported Transgender Person

Mesha Caldwell is the First Reported Transgender Person Killed in 2017 The violence continues.

Mesha Caldwell: Mississippi woman is the first US

A black transgender woman was found shot to death in Mississippi during the first week of 2017 – the first reported homicide against a transgender person this year.

Mississippi transgender woman Mesha Caldwell is first

“This is the first homicide of a transgender person that NCAVP has responded to in 2017, during a time of heightened fear and increased violence against LGBTQ communities,” Waters said in a statement.

Who Is Mesha Caldwell? First US Transgender Murder Of 2017

Caldwell, born Omario Caldwell, was widely thought to be the first transgender American to be killed in the new year.

Mesha Caldwell Is First Reported Trans Murder of 2017

On Wednesday afternoon, Mesha Caldwell, a well-known 41-year-old Black trans woman in Canton, Mississippi, was found shot dead by the side of the road, becoming the first reported transgender

Trans Woman Murdered in Mississippi; First of 2017

The news of Caldwell’s death comes almost concurrently with the confirmation that the victim of a December murder in Virginia was a trans woman, India Monroe.

Unclockable: Mesha Caldwell is 1st Trans Murder Victim of 2017

Caldwell, 41, is the first transgender to be murdered in the United States in the new year. Caldwell, who was killed on January 4, is also believed to be the first tran killed in Mississippi in the last 12 months. Police responding to a 911 call at 3:45 pm, found Caldwell’s body dumped in a roadway just outside the city limits of Canton.