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Origin and Meanings | Before the Ceremony | Traditional Ceremony After the Ceremony | Wedding Clothes In Korea, the marriage between a man and woman represents the joining of two families, rather than the joining of two individuals.

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As Korea hurtles forward with its technology and K-pop, some still want marriage ceremonies infused with the country’s rich history and culture. LIKE many other women, Kim So-jeong dreamed of

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After the wedding is a short Korean ceremony called pyebaek, which is for family members only. The bride and groom will wear special wedding hanbok and will bow to their parents who are seated

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The ceremony itself takes about a half an hour, but there will be celebratory performances before, and photo shoot, and dining after the ceremony. Our ceremony at Korea House took about two hours including everything. The details of ceremony can be different depending on the host, but the core program would be the same. Here is the complete guide to Korean traditional wedding ceremony.

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During the Korean wedding ceremony, vows are taken in the kunbere ceremony. Both bride and groom wear the traditional hanbok, a traditional Korean dress specially designed for the ceremony. The hanbok represents thousands of years of tradition and is usually made of a lightweight material with bright colors, simple lines, and no pockets.

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Steeped in traditional Confucian values, the ceremonies and events surrounding the actual marriage were long and elaborate, from the pairing of the couple to the rituals performed after the ceremony. In the traditional Korean marriage, the elders of the prospective bride and bridegroom’s families decided on all matters regarding the wedding, including the decision of whether or not to marry their son and …

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The traditional Korean wedding ceremony is steeped in Confucian values. Every gesture and move is strictly regulated and follows a protocol. The ceremony starts with a photo session, often in a beautiful garden, then the bride’s parents move to where the ceremony is to take place and wait at the wedding table for the groom’s party to arrive.

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If you’d love to include your Korean heritage in your wedding but aren’t sure where to start, look no further. We turned to an expert for a run-down of Korean wedding traditions. Shu Shu Costa, author of Wild Geese and Tea: An Asian-American Wedding Planner (Riverhead Books, 1997), describes a few commonly practiced rituals that are meaningful — and fun.