Kendra Wilkinson Baskett Discusses Healing From Postpartum Depression

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett Discusses Healing From Postpartum

While Baskett is right that professional help is essential in treating postpartum depression, experts say the people in your close circle are an important piece of the puzzle, too.

Kendra Wilkinson On ‘Being Kendra,’ Postpartum Depression

Sep 20, 2011 · We’ve watched Kendra Wilkinson go from Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend to Hank Baskett’s wife, and now she’s a mom to 21-month-old Hank Baskett Jr.

Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Her Postpartum Depression

Kendra Wilkinson opens up about her battle with postpartum depression.. The reality star shared that she suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her son, Hank Baskett Jr., now 20

Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Battle With Postpartum

Sep 17, 2011 · Kendra Wilkinson, author of the new memoir Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, & Getting My Sexy Back and star of Kendra is speaking out about her devastating struggle with postpartum depression so

Kendra Wilkinson reveals she had post-partum depression

She may be best known for her outgoing personality, but Kendra Wilkinson tells OK! magazine that she suffered from post-partum depression after giving birth in December.

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Advocates Professional Help for

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett shares the importance of seeking professional help while battling postpartum depression.

Kendra Wilkinson – 10 Celebrities Who Battled Postpartum

Shields put postpartum depression front and center in 2005 when she traded barbs with Tom Cruise, who had criticized her use of antidepressants after the birth of her daughter Rowan.

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Kendra Wilkinson Talks Postpartum Depression, Post-Baby

May 04, 2010 · Kendra found one way to beat the post-baby blues–having sex, even before the recommended six weeks post-birth.

Celebrity Moms Share Postpartum Depression Stories

So it came as a revelation that Trump struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of each of her three kids (Arabella, 6, Joseph, 3, and Theodore, 1) during a sitdown with Dr. Oz in September 2017.

The real reason Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett split

Kendra Wilkinson went from being a party girl and one of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s many girlfriends on the E! series The Girls Next Door, to becoming a wife and mother of two in the blink of