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IT service desk and customer service. Modern incident management. Essential business management. Incident communication. Alerting and on-call management. Update Jira Service Desk Server. Download a version. Loading. Already have Jira Software or Jira Core? Jira Service Desk download archives (2.5 and below)

JIRA Service Desk 3.3.x release notes – Atlassian

The JIRA Service Desk team is happy to announce the release of JIRA Service Desk 3.3! With this release, we’ve worked hard at delivering both features that you’ve asked for, and functionality that we believe will make JIRA Service Desk easier to administer.

JIRA Service Desk 3.3.x upgrade notes – Atlassian

JIRA Service Desk 3.3 now allows project administrators to edit workflows that are specific to their project only. To help with checking who would be granted this permission, you can use a script we’ve provided to check you projects and corresponding project administrators.

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Changes to Jira Service Desk Cloud are announced on the Jira Service Desk blog. Changes that affect all Jira Cloud products are announced in the What’s New blog for Atlassian Cloud. This includes new features, bug fixes, and other changes.

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What is a service desk? A service desk is a place for employees to ask for help, report incidents, or request new services. It can encompass everything from …


JIRA Service Desk: OPTins State Updates

Here’ VOL. 2, ISSUE 2 . SPRING 2018. JIRA Service Desk: What is it? OPTins State Updates We’ve had some states mandate filing through OPTins, and some additional states have also started using OPTins within the last year!

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Jira Service Desk is easy to use, simple to set up, and has everything you need for IT support and customer service. Learn more »

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The Jira Service Desk Cloud REST API – Atlassian Developers

Jira Service Desk is built upon the Jira platform. As such, in Jira Service Desk you have access to the Jira platform REST APIs. If you are writing an Atlassian Connect app, your app can request access to the Jira platform REST APIs by using the correct Jira platform Connect Scopes.

Solved: How do I add Jira ServiceDesk to my existing Jira

How do I add Jira ServiceDesk to my existing Jira Software install? Steve Rhodes Oct 13, 2015 I currently have a JIRA 6.4.x + Agile install and am trialling a JSD 2.5.x as addon.