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About the Half-Windsor Knot The Half Windsor knot is an extremely versatile knot. Unlike what the name suggests, the Half Windsor knot is actually closer to three-quarters the size of the Windsor knot.

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The half windsor tie knot. Symmetrical and Triangular. Learn how to tie a knot you can use with any dress shirt.

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The name “half-Windsor knot” has been used to refer to two slightly different ways to tie a tie by different books and web sites. Tying the two tie knots involves the …


Half Windsor Step by Step Instructions. The Half Windsor Knot, a modest version of the Windsor Knot, is a symmetrical and triangular tie knot that you can use with any dress shirt. It works best with somewhat wider neckties made from light to medium fabrics. To tie the Half Windsor Knot, select a necktie of your choice and stand in front of a mirror.