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For years I always wondered how this person obtained these tickets and how easily he/she just profited from this transaction, for he probably made about $100 in ten minutes of work. At Texas A&M I was an ECON major, a sports nut, and gambling freak, so this ticket …

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Join ticket broker associations. Groups such as the National Association of Ticket Brokers and the …

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Nov 20, 2016 · It is a complete step by step guide to becoming a professional ticket broker, and it has helped thousands of people get started in this industry.

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No, ticket brokering is not a get rich quick scheme, and no, you won’t become a millionaire in your first year selling tickets. The fact of the matter is that ticket brokering is a saturated industry with thousands of brokers competing for the same tickets at exactly the same hour as you will, and they have years of accumulated experience that you currently don’t have.

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We’ll guide you all along the way to help you start and become a successful Ticket Broker. Follow our advice and watch the money come rolling in. How do Ticket Brokers get such good seats: You buy your tickets just the same way any customer buys tickets.

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How To Become A Ticket Broker Guide Our video tutorials teach you step by step how to become a ticket broker, whether you are completely new, or more advanced.

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Becoming a ticket broker can be fun, exciting and profitable. Ticket brokers buy and sell tickets for concerts, plays, sporting events and similar activities to make a profit. Getting started in this line of business isn’t really hard. It just takes a little cash and the ability to pick shows and events that are likely to be in demand.