Error injecting constructor, java.lang.IllegalStateException · Issue

Error injecting constructor, java.lang

Hello, the Shiro project has come up a few times. We’re not using it and it’s hence difficult to debug it. The snippet is a bit short to tell what’s wrong but appears you’re trying to …

java – Issue with @Inject for Constructor – Stack Overflow

I am new to robojuice, but i need to work on a piece of code which was already built by someone else. I am facing issue if I add an extra parameter to the constructor of a class which already has @Inject.

EBean PlayFramework 2.2.x It has not been enhanced but it
Error injecting constructor, java.lang.ClassCastException
java – Play Framework 2.4.x
Error injecting constructor

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Issues with Installation on Windows 10 · Issue #79

Hello all, I had an issue with installing Elasticsearch on Windows 10 using the MSI. First, I tried to install Elasticsearch with a couple of plugins, but the installation failed for some reason.

[JENKINS-40844] Config File Provider Plugin fails to load

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[JENKINS-24212] Remote Terminal Access Plugin doesn’t work

Daniel Beck added a comment – 2014-08-12 13:24 – edited Issue is fixed on master , but no release has been created yet. If you know how, compile the plugin yourself and install that snapshot. If you know how, compile the plugin yourself and install that snapshot.

Cache directory not created exception · Issue #152

I just ran into a similar issue with the latest KairosDB version (1.1.1): despite having the kairosdb.query_cache.cache_dir set to /var/cache/kairosdb and running the kairosdb service with user kairosdb (at systemd service unit level), KairosDB still creates a directory in /tmp/kairosdb_cache.

Ebean enhancement requires configuration in every module

If you set this for each project, everything should work. As a convenient default for models, we look up the application.conf file in the current project, and read the ebean config out of that. But this obviously doesn’t work in a multi module project. Failed to obtain node lock · Issue

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Ebean Model class in subproject not enhanced – Stack Overflow

I’m trying to connect a simple application to two databases, the application has a subproject. the model for the default database is in the main project while the model for the second database is i