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The aptitude test will not test your knowledge within specific subject areas. The necessary knowledge to answer al questions rationally will be apparent of the questions of the test and you are not able to prepare for it. The test covers around 150 questions and lasts for 3,5 hours.

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uniTEST is an aptitude test that assesses the reasoning and thinking skills that underpins the studies at higher education across the broad domains of mathematics, science, humanities and social sciences.


Student Aptitude Test for Tertiary Admission (SATTA) Pilot

The academic aptitude test, uniTEST, was developed jointly by ACER and Cambridge Assessment in the UK. Within the context of university selection, the purpose of uniTEST is to enhance the effectiveness of admissions processes as they attempt to select students with the ability to undertake tertiary education,


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uniTEST FAQs inspiring achievement What is uniTEST? uniTEST is an aptitude test that has been developed to assess the kinds of generic reasoning and thinking skills that underpin studies at higher education and that are needed for students to be successful at this level.

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Can aptitude tests pick the ‘right’ students for university?

Since 2007, the Australian government has been evaluating a pilot aptitude test for future university students. The test is meant to help universities select students who might have the ability to